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Getting Started

After you sign in to UBOS platform first screen that you will see is the home page with a list of Workspaces. By default there will be a basic workspace with the name of your account. What is Workspace? Workspace - is a virtual space that allows you to gat...

1. UI частина (створення сторінки Company)

HRM Модуль створення компанії ( Company)

На даній сторінці потрібно розмістити наступні віджети: CONTAINER, розтягнутий на всю сторінку в середині якого розмістимо всі інші віджети; 7 I...


Getting Started

As we spoke previously workspace is a unit that gathers all your services/resources which are used during the application development process. Here is a default view of the workspace when you open it for the first time. Main work zone - Here will be open...

UI Editor - Basic

Getting Started

UI Editor Layout Let's start from exploring the first tool in the UBOS ecosystem which will help us to build Dashboards, Admin panels, CRUD applications and other type of web apps faster and with almost no coding. To open visual editor we need to click on th...

Binding to another widget

UI Editor

Flow Editor - Basic

Getting Started

Flow Editor gives you the ability to design powerful workflows that can integrate a wide range of external systems and create complex logic for your application. In a single workspace, you can have multiple Flow Editor instances which you can combine or make a...


Getting Started

Most of the applications need to store data, in UBOS platform you can use an external database or set up your own database. To create a new database you need to open Service Manager and click on the + button on the Database row, after the modal window will be...