UI Editor - Basic

UI Editor Layout

Let's start from exploring the first tool in the UBOS ecosystem which will help us to build Dashboards, Admin panels, CRUD applications and other type of web apps faster and with almost no coding.

To open visual editor we need to click on the UI Editor menu on the Service manager

After the click UI Editor will be opened in Main work zone.

UI Editor has own layout which contain 3 main windows: 

  1. Sidebar - Helps you to create and organize Pages, UI Widgets and API for data integration
  2. Page Editor - This is the canvas where you can drag UI Widgets from the Widget pane and design how you page will looks. Each page has own canvas.
  3. Widget Settings - Shows the properties of the selected UI Widget on canvas

Widgets Pane

The Widget pane can be opened by clicking on the + button inside the current Page. After the pane will be opened you will see all available widgets that you can drag&drop to the page canvas for designing your page