Flow Editor - Basic

Flow Editor gives you the ability to design powerful workflows that can integrate a wide range of external systems and create complex logic for your application. In a single workspace, you can have multiple Flow Editor instances which you can combine or make as separate microservices. 

As a base for Flow Editor is used open-source system Node-red. Node-RED is a visual tool created by IBM Emerging Technology and the open source community for developing APIs, hardware devices (IoT) and different online services. You can create complex flow with wide range of nodes and modules (3100+) and extend flow with any Node.js packages available in public repository (225,000) or create your custom node.

Creating new Flow service

To create new Flow Editor you need to open Service manager and click on + button on the row with name NODERED after that you will see the modal window in which you can write the name for the new service and select a version.

After all fields are completed click on Create NodeRed button and UBOS platform will start the process of establishing a new service for you, on average it may take 15-20 sec. until the service will be available for you, before that service will be in pending mode and you can find it in the NodeRed drop down on the Service manager   


You will need to click on update status button in the service row to check if it already available.


After new service became available, to open it you need to click on the name of the service and it will be opened in the Main Work Zone.