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Create a new service


After you sign in to UBOS platform first screen that you will see is the home page with a list of Workspaces. By default there will be a basic workspace with the name of your account.


What is Workspace?

Workspace - is a virtual space that allows you to gather various services, resources and work with them as a single unit. Currently in a workspace can be multiple services of Workflow manager, Databases and single application for User Interface.

Let's start work on our amazing application in our default workspace. To open workspace you need to click on edit button in the row of the selected workspace.


Here is a default view of the workspace when you open it for the first time.

  1. Main work zone - Here will be opened each visual editor service which you will use during your application development. You can open simultaneously as many editors as you like and change the position and size of each editor by our Layout manager.
  2. Service manager - Used to browse, open, and manage all of the services in your project. UBOS is a tool based low-code platform - you can get started immediately by opening UI Editor, create new Flow Manager (Node-red) or establish new Database service for your application.
  3. Activity bar - Located on the far left-hand side, this lets you switch between global views in the UBOS platform. Also at the bottom of the activity bar you can open Workspace Settings.
  4. Top bar - Displays overall information about your workspace like Name, Versions and one click Deployment.

How to create new service?

To create a new service within the created workspace, first click on the plus button next to Services. This will display a container containing available services, from which you can select the required service.


Creating UI Editor

 Select the UI Editor from the list of the proposed services. The next step will be to select the settings for this service, including         the cloud provider, service region, service plan, and service info (here can change the name of your service and set a title).


After all the settings have been configured, you need to click on the Create Service button and proceed to payment. And completing the payment, you need to wait for a green checkmark to appear next to the service.


So now UI Editor is ready to use.

Creating Flow Builder (Node red)

To create a Node red, the first step is to create a new service by clicking the plus button next to Services. You will then be presented with a container containing various services, where you can select Node Red.


After all fields are completed click on Create NodeRed button and UBOS platform will start the process of establishing a new service for you, on average it may take 15-20 sec. Until the service will be available for you, before that service will be in pending mode and you can find it in the NodeRed drop down on the Service manager.